Keynote Speakers 2018

Paul Marks

Paul has taken classes at Second City and Improv Olympics in Chicago from the very best instructors (some of whom have been finalists for Saturday Night Live).  He also spent several years researching and studying corporate culture, team building, and presentation skills to see if there was a synergistic relationship between his improv philosophy and the business world. Confident of the connection, in early 2012, Paul opened the Over The Counter improv Business Division to teach the benefits of improvisation and right brain thinking. Within seven months, Paul was featured in an article for the Charlotte Observer regarding the benefits of improv in the corporate world; and in 2013, he was selected as the Keynote speaker on leadership in New Orleans for 700 college students. By 2016, Paul was crisscrossing the country to share his unique style of laughter, leadership, and right-brain thinking with companies such as Daimler Trucks, Wells Fargo, Ingersoll Rand, Duke Energy, Bank of America, Red Ventures and many others.

Brooks Harper

It's time to re-energize, refresh, recharge and be Impassioned in Your Profession!  Brooks Harper provides words of encouragement that hit the Head, Heart and Funny Bone; preparing you to approach each day with anticipation instead of apprehension. He discusses the power of gratitude, relationships and equipping yourself with techniques to avoid burnout. Brooks Harper is an Author, Speaker and Career Expert. His company helps students and professionals discover, develop, market and sell their talents, skills and abilities that bring tangible value to the market place. His books, Why Should We Hire You? and 7 Skills to Make Mills have been incorporated into economics, business, and career-success curricula as the go-to- books for teaching interview skills, self-marketing, personal branding and soft skills development. Brooks has spoken on hundreds of K12, college and corporate campuses across the country to more than 500,000 students, educators and professionals. Brooks aspires to the belief that EVERY DAY is an interview and an opportunity to turn learning into earning. Learn more at


Breakout Sessions and Call for Programs

Call for Programs

Do you have information that other College/University & Employers can benefit from hearing?


Share your best practices for recruiting, leadership, and other career development topics with your association colleagues and other special guests.  A topic that includes our Better Together theme is worth bonus points!

Breakout sessions are 50 minutes in duration and a great medium for information sharing, presenting new research, or discussing new trends in career services and recruiting.


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Break Out Sessions

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